Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers: The women athletes carrying Tokyo’s torch celebrates the journeys of Tokyo’s unsung women olympians & paralympians and provides action-oriented analysis of the issues closest to their hearts. We spotlight some of our world’s greatest master of resiliency & arms listeners with tips + calls to action for how we can all better stand together.




Carlotta Nwajide (Germany): Rowing & Activism

May 12, 2021

Carlotta is not only a Vice World and European Champion, but also an outspoken activist who leads b…

Eliza Stone (USA): the Stone Sabre Squad & Redefining Success

April 28, 2021

Eliza showed up to her first fencing class in a dress and little patent leather shoes because she w…

(En Español) Tamara Leonelli (Chile): La Espina Bifida y Sus Sueños Para El Futuro

April 21, 2021

Tamara (Tami) basó los 18 años, más de lo previsto. Ahora tiene 23 años y se está convirtiendo en u…

Tamara Leonelli (Chile): Spina Bifida & True Inclusion Through Olympic & Paralympic Melding

April 14, 2021

Tamara (Tami) was introduced to table tennis in a rehabilitation center: Tami was born with spina b…

Bonus Content: Flame Bearers Panel Discussion

April 7, 2021

You've already met some of our incredible athletes, but we wanted to provide you with an even more …

Sophia Herzog (USA): Dwarfism & Inspiring Social Change

March 24, 2021

2016 Paralympic silver medalist, 2x World Champion, and 5x World medalist, Sophia Herzog is passion…