Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers is the first and only global storytelling platform for women Olympians and Paralympians. We celebrate the journeys of unsung athletes alongside household names. We use sport as a conduit for social justice issues and provide action-oriented analysis of the issues closest to their hearts.



Season 3 Trailer: Keeping the Fire Burning

Oct. 5, 2022

Flame Bearers: Keeping the Fire Burning spotlights women Olympians and Paralympians who sought to compete in the Tokyo Summer or Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. In this season, we discuss ...

Ukrainian Athletes: What the World Needs to Hear

March 23, 2022

In light of Russian war on Ukraine, this special edition episode is different than our normal episodes. In an effort to elevate Ukranian voices and the connection between sports and politics, we sp...

Mihaela Hogas (Romania): Breaking Barriers Through Speed Skating

March 9, 2022

When Mihaela was 9, she went to a park and saw some kids inline skating. She didn't realize it was actually for the winter sport of speed skating, but she was curious enough to give it a try hersel...

Simidele Adeagbo (Nigeria): The Original Sleigh Queen

March 7, 2022

Simidele (Simi) was the first African and black woman to compete in Skeleton at the Olympics, and more recently, the first African to take home gold at an international bobsled competition: "We don...

Kendall Gretsch (USA): 2 Games in 2 Sports Within 6 Months

March 2, 2022

3x Paralympic Gold Medalist, Kendall Gretsch is one of the only athletes who competed in Tokyo this past summer who is also competing in Beijing. Less than 6 months ago Kendall won gold in Paratria...

Dr. Natalia Siuba-Jarosz (Poland): Being a Doctor & Elite Parasnowboarder

Feb. 16, 2022

Dr. Natalia Siuba-Jarosz is an elite Polish Parasnowboarder and Doctor in Radiology. She has gone by Simba ever since her last name was misspelled in grade school, and the nickname stuck. In this e...

Valentina Margaglio (Italy): the Skeleton Lioness

Feb. 9, 2022

Valentina or 'The Lioness' grew up in Italy as a 'very competitive child' with her three sisters and one brother. She describes her heritage as "the perfect mix" of cultures, crediting each of her ...

Aline Rocha (Brazil): Sport as Freedom & Women in Para Sports

Feb. 2, 2022

When Aline was 15 years old, she was in a car accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. That said, she says "sport changed my life, not the accident." According to Aline sport gave her wings, the ability to travel, an…

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Director of Brand and Partnerships

We welcome Director of Brand and Partnerships Marissa Potter to our Flame Bearers


Are you ready for Flame Bearers Season 3? We know we are!

Our Flame Bearers

Whatever their role, they all make a difference in our lives. Ergo, we call them "Our Flame bearers."

About the Hosts

Elizabeth Profile Photo


Learning Design Lead

Elizabeth Michael is a professionally trained broadcast journalist passionate and curious about storytelling. She is a seasoned bibliomaniac and audiophile enthusiastic about women in sports and is dedicated to using her explorative storytelling style to voice out for them.
Elizabeth believes that women are an integral part of society. This belief strengthens her commitment to Flame Bearers as she continues celebrating and creating more stories about women who achieve great things despite the odds.
Her devotion extends beyond sports. She's also a tremendous African culture promoter who aims at elevating African voices and changing the narratives of how people see the black continent.

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Ravij Ranjan Rap, is a professional freelance Video Editor and a storyteller. Driven by his passion for film editing and ads, Ravi currently pursues his Masters in film editing at Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata, India.
Ravi is an everyday knowledge seeker who finds solace in sports. He’s a jolly fellow whose professionalism has gotten him into association with various similar minds worldwide, with whom he has continued to impact positively in their lives.
Ravi's love for Flame Bearers extends from the beauty of the game and the story of each sports game. He always seeks exciting opportunities to discuss sports and is open to learning.

Marissa Profile Photo


Director of Brands and Partnerships

Marissa Potter: Believing in sports and that it connects us all, Marissa Potter has dedicated her life to sportsmanship and teamwork.
She’s passionate about working in a team with people who, like her, are prompt and active in achieving any set objectives. With that in mind, she’s committed to helping and growing mission-driven companies with inclusion, sports, and health & wellness at their forefront.
With over seven years in community engagement and brand building in the sports industry and partnerships with several Boston-based nonprofits, she has learned, developed, and improved critical skill sets that distinguish her, including supervision & team building.
She graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges with a BA in Sociology and Boston University’s Questrom School of Business with an MBA in Business Administration & Management, General.

Jamie Mittelman Profile Photo

Jamie Mittelman


Jamie is an outdoors-loving, chocolate-consuming advocate for all things gender and policy. She holds a Master in Public Administration candidate from the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS), where with the support of Harvard University's Innovation Lab and Women and Public Policy Program, Jamie launched the first and only global storytelling platform for women Olympians and Paralympians. She also co-chaired the HKS women's conference with virtual and in person iterations. She also has her MBA from Dartmouth's (Tuck) School of Business. At Tuck, Jamie consulted with the World Economic Forum and led the student delegation to win the World Government Summit's Global Universities Challenge. Prior to graduate school, Jamie worked in corporate social responsibility and nonprofit management, most recently managing a $30M media portfolio for charitable causes. She's deeply passionate about her family, friends, and leaving things just a little bit better.