Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers

Flame Bearers: The Women Athletes Carrying Tokyo’s Torch celebrates the journeys of Tokyo’s unsung women Olympians & Paralympians and provides action-oriented analysis of the issues closest to their hearts. We spotlight some of our world’s greatest master of resiliency & arms listeners with tips + calls to action for how we can all better stand together.



Jacqueline Simoneau (Canada): Artistic Swimming, Family & Friends

July 21, 2021

In this episode, we speak with 4X Pan American Games' gold medallist and soon to be 2X Canadian Olympic Jacqueline Simoneau. At home, she's Jacqueline and in the pool, she goes by Jackie. We hear how her journey to the Olympic pool has been “synchronized” with hard work, a touch of glamour and the …

Deja Young (USA): Mental Health & Choosing Life

June 23, 2021

Being a "non traditional athlete" with brachial plexus has never held Deja back. Even though her condition was caused by medical malpractice during her birth, this 2x Paralympic gold medalist (100m & 200m) says she wouldn't change a thing if she could: she's where she is today because of what she's…

Ray Bassil (Lebanon): Finding Your Courage to Lead

June 9, 2021

To date, Ray is the only Lebanese athlete who has qualified for Tokyo, but Ray is used to blazing her own trails: she was the first Arab female Olympic Trapshooter, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, Ammunition Line entrepreneur, Academy founder, and servant leader for her country of Lebanon. Sh…

Danusia Francis (Jamaica): Gymnastics & Positive Manifestation

June 7, 2021

At age five, Danusia watched Elena Zamolodchikova of Russia compete on TV, and decided then and there that she wanted to be an Olympic gymnast. 22 years later, Danusia's dream is coming true: she'll be Jamaica's second-ever Olympic gymnast. In this episode, we begin by talking about how Danusia got…

Sarah Davies (Great Britain): The Barbell Queen Defying Convention

May 26, 2021

Sarah Davies is Great Britain's best ever female weightlifter on a pound for pound basis, lifting between 100-125kg (or 220-275 lbs) depending on the event, snatch or clean and jerk. She's also an international beauty pageant queen. Sarah’s journey is about defying convention, whether it’s in beaut…

Carlotta Nwajide (Germany): Rowing & Activism

May 12, 2021

Carlotta is not only a Vice World and European Champion, but also an outspoken activist who leads by thoughtful example. She believes that inaction is action in and of itself, whether it comes to racism or environmentalism. Carlotta grew up competing as the only black rower in her community and kno…