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I really appreciate the global nature of this podcast. For example, it was really cool to listen to the episode on the athlete from Madagascar and then check out an athlete from Brazil and Iran. Friend recommended me this podcast and I love it. I’ve been listening to it non stop definitely a good one!!

Great Show!

Honestly I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the best one out there! As a guy, it's cool for me to listen to stories of female athletes. I hope more guys check this podcast out. This podcast IS AMAZING. Keep up the good work !!

I love it!

Just discovered this podcast yesterday and I’ve already listened to the first seven episodes! I’m totally hooked and I can’t wait to catch up! Good job guys!

Great Show!

Honestly I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the best one out there! This podcast IS AMAZING. Keep up the good work !!

Flame Bearers

Well done. Nice to hear real life stories of athletes especially form diverse countries.

Open and Honest and Awesome stories!

Love the transparency and willingness to share these stories!

I love it!… and also now want to go kick some butt!

This podcast is great! I love learning about all the ins and outs of these different sports, as well the athletes themselves. I’ve gleaned details I wouldn’t have known before and amazing new perspectives. On top of that, Jamie does an awesome job of asking pertinent, meaningful questions. It’s we’ll produced and mixed, and very enjoyable listening. :)


I’ve been listening for around a month and have already listened to most. I’m so hooked! I get so exited to hear the new episodes and sometimes I even go back and listen to the old ones. Keep it up!!


So well researched and so powerfully delivered. I’m so addicted!! It’s definitely one of my favorites!!!

Powerful women pushing the limits of potential

Listened to episode “The Invisibility of Disability & Biathlon”. What a sensational woman! Enjoyed hearing the story of Akzhana and her astounding journey. A phenomenal Paralympian who is pushing the limits of our human potential. Appreciate the education and breaking down of Biathlons. This pod is not only informative but insightful. Thank you for allowing these stories to be told. So many international inspirations. Recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about strong women competing all around the world.

Great show!!!

Love this podcast❤️❤️❤️ I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up 👍

Great perspectives!

Love this podcast. So many different stories, topics, points of view. Each episode a pleasant surprise. Host Jamie does a great job of interweaving the individual stories with the topics the individuals cover, resulting in a consistently day-changing experience in listening.

Wonderful Variety of Athletes

I found this podcast completely on accident and loved it from the first episode I listened to. I absolutely love the diversity of the women interviewed and that it’s not your typical “popular” sports only. Even more - I love the focus on the Paralympians. My biggest complaint - the episodes are not long enough.


Love this podcast but since we are featuring women in sports then the guests need to emphasize what women are doing for social change. The episode about rugby features professor Brooks who goes on about men in history & the NBA & NFL taking a stand for social change but does not touch on the WNBA, NWSL or Megan Rapinoe and their trailblazing work for social justice. Letting this man go on about men just seems wrong. I also love that you feature specialists to discuss topics associations ated with the athlete’s struggles in life. Can you try to find female specialists? They must exist

Such a great podcast!

This is the podcast we all need for 2020/21. It is thoughtful and educational, but also uplifting and hopeful as we follow the incredible stories of Olympic and ParaOlympic athletes preparing for the Tokyo olympics. I have learned so much from this podcast, without feeling like I am learning!

Must-listen podcast!

Women’s representation in sports is the issue of our time and this podcast is breaking barriers in every way. If you haven’t heard this podcast you’re missing out!

Unique podcast!

Great perspective Jamie has. A lot of people forget about the Olympics until it’s currently happening. I def want to learn more about it and listening to this podcast is a good start

Amazing! 🔥

I was blown away by this podcast. I gained a brand new perspective on these athletes and a deeper respect and appreciation for all of the hard work these women go through. I also deeply enjoyed Jamie’s delivery style. She’s authentic and relatable. What an amazing experience!

FIRE podcast!

This podcast is a must listen. Every episode is original and discusses a different sport with challenges these athletes have had to face. It is great to hear from a diverse group of powerhouse female athletes who represent a broad variety of countries that will compete this summer. Really well produced, and I always look forward to the next one!

Must-listen for Olympic enthusiasts

Great way to learn about the Olympians and Paralympians who don’t always get significant media coverage but still have fascinating backstories

Really needed a pick me up and this DOES IT

I’ve been really struggling with the isolation of COVID and have been feeling extremely lonely. This podcast makes me feel connected to others, and allows me to see how we all are dealing with something, be it racial inequity, depression, or LGBTQ discrimination. Thank you for this shining beacon of hope during this otherwise dark and challenging time. A true pick me up even if the topics are heavy (aka they’re real, which is exactly what I would want).


Very well done. You are able to truly feel what the athletes have been through to get to this point. Even if you are not into sports their stories are very inspirational.

A must listen

This is fantastic and well produced. Can't wait for the next episode!

Sports stories you may not know but should!

Each episode takes you into an incredible story of athletic achievement, grit and determination. You get a real sense of the people and what they’ve put in to their craft, with each episode a fascinating, totally different angle that you’ve probably never heard before but will be so glad you did!

Loving every episode!

One of my new favorite podcasts! I’m not even a big sports fan, but each episode tells the incredible stories of strength and resilience behind each of these athletes’s names - making them both more inspiring and more relatable at the same time. I also love how it weaves in other voices and connects their stories to larger topics, serving to more fully round out each athlete’s background and the struggles that they’ve overcome. Highly suggest checking out if you love great stories of strong women, even if you aren’t necessarily “into sports.”

My new favorite podcast!

Wow this podcast is so inspiring! Not only does it highlight the incredible achievements of these female athletes, it also digs into really important topics that impact our world. If you need something uplifting to listen to, that you’ll also learn a ton from, I highly recommend this podcast!

Incredibly Inspiring

This podcast shines a light on the stories behind the Olympics by telling each athlete’s story in a way that captures the spirit and excitement of the games. Each voice is beautifully captured and Jamie Mittelman does a masterful job of promoting, elevating, and celebrating strong female athletes. This is the type of uplifting and inspiring content we all need right now!!


During these pandemic times, there is nothing more inspirational, hopeful, and fun to listen than these podcasts as the real life stories demonstrate endurance, courage, and resilience. Hope to see all these women competing next year


Wow. This podcast does an incredible job interviewing inspiring, diverse athletes and weaving the interviews into an educational and motivational podcast with supplemental interviews from experts. I’m hooked and can’t wait for more episodes!

Talented female athletes tell their stories

One of the Muppets said, “The year 2020 - brought to you by the letters W, T, and F.” The women interviewed trained hard, dealt with challenges and disappointments, and their resilience and positivity comes through in these thoughtful interviews. The interviewer skillfully weaves in comments from relevant experts to give breadth to the issues covered.