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This podcast is a gem!

In a year of so much stress, fear, and disappointment, it is wonderful to see a podcast tell stories of our current human experience through a lens of perseverance and optimism. Female athletes never get the attention they should, do thank you for lifting up these strong voices in a time where we desperately need leadership and hope. This podcast will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time! Love it :)

SUBSCRIBE: The MOST impactful way I’ve ever been engaged in the Olympics

This podcast is the most impactful way I’ve EVER been engaged in the Olympics. It is insightful, raw, real….just so very REAL. Thank you women athletes and contributors for opening your worlds to us listeners and sharing your very personal and incredibly difficult fights for OUR benefit. Thank you for shining a light on your fights off the field, court, etc. I’m learning by the minute, join in!!